Carmel, Dov (*), 1932–
Composer, Arranger
5 boxes containing compositions
Online catalogue
Mus 204

Chassidic Tunes (Boyan)
Traditional community melodies
1 box containing transcriptions
Mus 082

Cohen, Shimeon, 1937–
Composer, Conductor, Pianist, Arranger
10 boxes containing compositions
Printed catalogue
Mus 097

Cohen-Melamed, Nisan, 1906–
10 boxes containing research papers, articles
Mus 060

Cohen-Zedek, Joseph
Collector, Researcher, Composer
4 boxes containing transcriptions, research papers
Mus 071

(*) – personal archive from the "Histadrut Department of Culture and Education" archives.
Printed catalogue – list of all items according to units.
List – various handwritten or computerized lists that assist in using the collection.
Online catalogue – catalogue of compositions or accompanying material in the National Library Aleph catalogue.
The printed catalogue and the lists can be used in the Music Center.