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New sign-on system

 New sign-on system – Updates

To all the users of the National Library systems:

We are aware that some users have encountered problems with the new sign-on system. Please note the following:

Users who are already registered for the Library should login using the identity number used previously. They will then be asked to enter the email address used previously. A link will then be emailed to this account, by means of which the user can choose a new username and password.

If you are already registered for the Library, please do not register for the new system without following the above instructions.


Please note: The system can only accept one username per email address.

Users who encounter one of the following problems:

• Username or password is incorrect
• Email does not exist in the Library

...should send an email to [email protected], containing the following details:

1. First name and surname
2. Identity number
3. Email address with which you have already registered for the Library / an email address at which you can be contacted
4. Your contact telephone number

In the interim, users who are having problems ordering books should contact the service counters and we will order the books on your behalf.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. We are making every effort to iron out the transitional problems as soon as possible.
Please contact the loans/reference desks or call 074-7336414 for further assistance.