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Library Tour for Soldiers

The Jewish textual heritage spans a period of over 2,500 years. The National Library's mission is to collect and preserve everything produced by the Jewish people over the generations – manuscripts, books, press and more – and make these materials accessible to the public.

The Visitors Center invites you to experience Jewish and Israeli written heritage.


Target Audience: Soldiers before, during and after their military service
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Number of Participants: 15-50
Availability: Sunday-Friday 

Tour program:

Part 1: Introduction

What is in the Library? Illustrated by means of items from the collections, including:

• Music: the song "Jerusalem of Gold" from the Naomi Shemer archive
• Maps: the first Hebrew map printed in the Amsterdam Hagadah of 1695
• Personal archives: manuscripts by Haim Guri, Gershom Scholem and Haim Beer
• Books: ancient bibles, commemorative books, Mahzorim, etc.

Part 2: Discussion

Discussion triggered by textual items (facsimiles) from the Library's collections, on one of the following topics pertaining to Jewish and Israeli culture:

1. Jewish and Israeli culture: Maimonides, Agnon, Naomi Shemer, Hatikva
2. Leadership: Josephus, Herzl, Ben Gurion
3. Social values: Black Panthers, Hebrew language

Part 3: Conclusion

Guided tour of the reading rooms and the stained glass windows by Israeli artist Mordechai Ardon