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Please note:
1. Payement for tours must be made in advance. Please contact the finance department for payment: 074-7336119. For price list of tours click here.
2. Orders will be fully re-imbursed if cancelled up to three days before the scheduled date of the tours.
3. Cancellations less than three day before the scheduled date of the tours will be charged 50% of the tour's fee.
4. Please arrive for the tour at the scheduled time. Late arrival will shorten the tour time.
5. Visitors are required to deposit their personal belongings at the cloackroom. It is advised, therefore, to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time.
6. Vehicle entrance into the Givat Ram campus will be permitted only to organized transport and in coodernation in advance. Parking for personal vehicles is available in the parking lot near the main entrance.
7. We will contact you a week before the scheduled visit to verify the arrival of the group.
8. For inquiries or questions please contact the Visitors Center by phone 074-7336125 or email