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Invitation to Tender for Comprehensive Serials Subscription Services

​The National Library of Israel (hereinafter “the Library”) is seeking tenders for the provision of comprehensive serials subscription services.

This Request for Proposal is to provide The Library with a comprehensive serials subscription service provider (periodicals, newspapers and serials).
The expected outcome is a contract for a three year commitment with an option to extend the contract for an additional three years under the same conditions, at the Library’s sole discretion.
The specifications, including the minimal qualification requirements and the Evaluation Criteria are described in the notice and documents of this Tender that can be found on the National Library website (hereinafter “the site”):, under the tab “Library/Tenders/Active Tenders".
Bidders can download the tender documents and submit a detailed response via email.
For the bidders convenience attached is an excel copy of the appendix, it should be clear that the bidder cannot add journals in addition to the information in the original appendix.
The time frame and proposal deadline is as follows:
RFP publication: September 15, 2013


Questions concerning the RFP: no later than October 15, 2013


Vendor proposal due: November 28, 2013


All deadlines should be met at 23:00 Israel time, and responses will be forwarded to Contract.[email protected]


The above information is not an exhaustive representation of the contents of the notice, invitation and its appendices. In the event of a contradiction or inconsistency between the notice and the invitation documents, the latter will be taken as authoritative.