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The Wireless Network at the Library

Wireless service is available in all public areas at the Library, is free of charge and requires no registration. 

This service enables visitors to access and use the databases and e-journals to which the Library subscribes, and provides Internet access as well.

 How to Connect to the Wireless Network

  • 1. Click the Start Menu
  • 2. Click "View network status and tasks"
  • 3. Click "Change adapter settings"
  • 4. Make sure that your network interface card is enabled.
  • 5. Connect
  • 6. Choose from the Connections list: Choose "National Library Public Network" to connect to the Library's network and access its databases and e-journals (accessible in all public areas).
  • 7. Click " Connect"
  • 8. Click "Public Network"
  • 9. You are now connected to the Library's wireless network.