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Improvements to Photocopying Services

 The following changes and improvements are being made to the Library's photocopying services:

 •  Most of the copy machines will be moved to the new Copy Center, adjacent to
    the Judaica reading room, for the convenience of reading room users.
    There will still be machines scattered throughout the building

 •  One copy machine has been placed at the entrance to the Library, in the Loans
    and Reference area (credit card or magnetic copy-card operated)

 •  Another copy machine has been placed in the General Reading Room (credit- 
    card or magnetic copy-card operated)

 •  One copy machine will remain in its current position on the lower ground floor
    (coin-operated only)

 •  The use of the copy machines for scanning purposes will be introduced in the
    coming weeks

 •  The digital reader will be moved from the General Reading Room to the Copy
    Center, where an additional digital reader will also be installed

 •  The unit that dispenses magnetic copy cards has been moved to the new Copy

 •  For the next few weeks, cash payments can be made in the Finance
    Department, room 15, lower ground level
Service interruptions may occur during the transition. We will make every effort to keep them to a minimum. Thank you for your patience.