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Study Rooms – Terms of Use

The Library offers its visitors study rooms where they may study in a quiet environment. Each room has five seats and an LCD screen that can be hooked up to a laptop computer. The study rooms are located at the entrance floor and in the Judaica Reading Room. 


For your convenience, we lend screen adapters for laptops.

For details and lending out, please ask the circulation desk in the lobby. Lending is for registered readers (registration is free)


Terms of use: 

• The study rooms are intended to be used by groups and are not to be used by individuals.
• Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may reserve a room
  by signing up on the board outside the room. Rooms can be ordered up to one 
  week in advance.
• Each group may have the room for a maximum of two hours.
• Groups that are late by fifteen minutes or more will lose their reservation.
• As in the Library’s reading rooms, eating, drinking, cell phones, sleeping, and smoking are not allowed in the study rooms.
• Kindly respect the equipment in the study rooms and use it with care.
• The Library is not responsible for personal equipment in the study rooms.
• Staff librarians have the right to limit the use of the study rooms. Please adhere to their instructions.
The study rooms are for Library visitors.
Please help to maintain a quiet study environment.

Study rooms in the Judaica Reading Room