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The National Library is accessible to all its users, including disabled users.   

Readers don't need to come to the library in order to search for items, to order them, or to extend a loan for items that they have checked out. All of these actions can be done via the "Merhav" system- the search system for the Library's databases. The system allows you to search for items, to order them from home and to be updated via email.
For the reading impaired, an automated telephone service is available during library hours at the reference desk or at the loans desk.
Additionally, the Library provides services via email and runs a live chat-with-a-librarian service- active from 10:00-19:30.
Any vehicle with a handicap sticker is allowed to enter the campus without the need for additional permits. The Library parking lot has a number of handicapped spaces, marked and reserved, and there is a ramp that leads from the parking lot to the lower entrance of the library. Ring the bell at the entrance and a security guard will come and open the door so as to assure comfortable access. 
All of the Library's service areas are wheelchair accessible: The elevator is large and the doors of the reading rooms are wide.  The loan and reference desks are situated in convenient locations and are at a height that is appropriate for people with special needs. The staff is happy to help users with any request.
The Library is also equipped to serve the vision impaired. Special, fitted computer station is available.
Library Tours are also open to everyone. Headphones are available for the hearing impaired.