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FAQ About Ordering Items to Reading Rooms

Who is entitled to register for this service?

Any one is entitled to register as a reader at the National Library. Registration is free of charge.
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How can I order a book from the storeroom?

After registering as a reader, you can order books from the storeroom to the Library’s reading room. You can order items using the online catalogue from any computer that is connected to the internet.
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How can I check out a book from the library?

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How do I know which copy of a book can be checked out of the Library?

Once you have located the book in the Library’s online catalogue, click on the record and then on the tab marked “locations.” Here you will find the locations of all copies of the book and their loan status.


A copy of a book in the storeroom marked “loan to reading rooms” may be ordered for study in a reading room of the Library but may not be removed from the Library premises.
A copy of a book in the storeroom and marked “loan copy” can be checked out of the Library.

Loan Copy
Can a book that was ordered for use in a reading room be checked out of the Library?

If you have a membership that allows you to check out books from the Library, you may check out books that were ordered to the reading room, so long as the item in question is listed in the catalogue as a “loan copy.”
Please consult the service counter in the reading room and request the item to be transferred to the circulation desk.

What is the loan period for a borrowed book?

The return date for each item is indicated in the personalized information area on the website.
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    An item ordered to a reading room will be held for a period of 7 work-days. If the loan has not been renewed, the item will be returned to the storeroom at the end of that period.
    Items that have been checked out are due back in either one month or three months, depending on the reader’s membership registration.

Is the borrowing period automatically renewed?

No. The loan period is not automatically renewed. It is the responsibility of the reader to renew the loan. Near the end of the loan period the reader will receive notification to renew the loan. If the item has not been requested by another reader, it is possible to renew the loan.

How can I renew a loan for a book that has been checked out of the Library?

You can renew your loan in your personalized area on the website. Click here here to renew a loan.

I received notification that the book is in a remote storage facility. What does this mean?

The item you have requested is in a storage facility outside of Jerusalem. It may take up to three work days for the item to reach the Library. The supply time for an item located in a remote storage can vary.
You will receive notification when the book reaches the circulation desk.

I received notification that the book has been lost. What does this mean?

This notification means that after an extensive search, the book was not found in the library storerooms and therefore is not available for use. In such cases you may turn to the circulation desk for help in finding an alternate copy in another library in Israel or abroad. Please be aware that in most instances there is a fee for this service.

I ordered a book and received notification that the book is on loan to another reader. What should I do?

Check in the “locations” tab in the catalogue to see if the item is on loan to one of the reading rooms, in which case you may request to use the book in question in the reading room, provided that it is not being used by the reader. When you are done, return the book to the service desk where it will continue to be held under the name of the reader, until it is transferred to you within 7 days of your request.

If the item is checked out from the library, the item will be marked “on loan” and no location will be given in the “location” tab. As soon as you order the book, the current borrower will receive notice of your request. You must wait for the return of the book. You will receive an email notification as soon as the book has been returned to the Library.

I received notification that a book I checked out has been ordered by another reader. What should I do?

If the item is being held in one of the reading rooms, there is no need for you to take any action. The staff at the service desk will give the reader the book.
If you have checked the book out of the Library, you must return the book by the date specified in the notification.    

How long does it take for a book to reach the service desk?

An item that is in the building will reach the service desk in the reading room within a half hour of being ordered. In certain instances, mainly with regard to periodicals, it may take longer for the item to arrive in the reading room.
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