New - Online book ordering

Order items from the stacks requires opening a library card, that can be done independently directly from the online catalog. Library readers that have cards, will just type in the details. Every reader is given a quota of up to 20 books for loan at once.
You can make a reservation prior to arrival to building, and track the status of your reservation on the reader's card, and to be informed by e-mail of the arrival of the items to the reading room, as well as get a negative answer if the item was not found.
This is a new library service, which replaces the reservation using call slips, which was used until today. No more orders can be made this way but only online.

Guidelines for readers to use the online book order service

Registration to the service:
Reasers will open a library card which allows to order to the reading rooms and circulation desk only. To borrow books home users need to fill out the full application at the circulation desk on the ground floor.

It is highly recommended to update your e-mail address on reader's card. This communication channel is fast and convenient. You will know the stat of your reservation before your coming to the building.

Be sure to verify that the email address for which is used on your reader's card is indeed activated.

In case you do not have e-mail address, you can make reservations online, but you will not be able to track the order status, and receive messages from the system.

In this case, one of the crew will help you open a card reader that requires mail addres.

Contact the service station in case of an item that is being used by another reader. The team will assist you in locating the item.

Order item:
Reading room staff does not make an online reservation for the reaseds. We will be happy to assist you in training for reservation purposes.

Quota Order books reading rooms per user is 20 books. Thw system will block user orders that fill this quota. Each item is a physical volume, ie, a publication with 3 volumes is counted as three book orders.

This quota does not include the books borrowed for home, or the magazines ordered through the online form.

Be sure to click "Exit" and make sure that after ordering the items, the system is indeed confirmed that you have closed your reader's card.

Be sure to extend the items after seven days, otherwise the books will be returned to the stacks.

In case of a negative answer, the order is saved for a month, during which will continue to try to locate it. After this period you will receive an update about this reservation.

You can place an order for an item that is being used. Message will be sent to the customer with the return of the item to the stacks.

Rare Books Order process is by a writen form, as it was not by the online service.

Order a SR copy , which is a copy for preservation, will be made by librarians only.

Get the item and return it:
Each reader can save up to 20 books in his name in the reading room. The books are kept for a period of one week last use. You can extend the books 10 times, ie, 70 working days.

Please check your e-mail often to get the message about the arrival or non arrival book reading room.

Receiving and returning items is done only in the reading room to where their were orderd to.

Responsibility of the readers is to extend the saved items in their name, on thier reader's card online. Every day we take back to the stacks books that are not in use for a week or more.

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