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Genealogical Research – Find Your Roots 
​The National Library is pleased to announce a new service for those interested in researching their family origins and learning more about their ancestry. Genealogy researchers and expert Reference librarians will be happy to help and guide you in search of information and materials about your families.
Our genealogy experts and reference librarians will be glad to help you locate information about the origins of your family!
The service is an initiative of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy and Paul Jacobi Center in Jerusalem, and is offered in collaboration with The Israel Genealogical Society (IGS) and the Israel Genealogy Research Association. The National Library is pleased to host this initiative for the benefit of the general public and researchers.
The service will be provided (free of charge) while establishing an appointment in advance on Mondays (10:00-13:00) and Wednesdays (15:00-18:00) in the Arava Hall in the Judaica Reading Room.

Genealogical research requires considerable research effort. The counseling is designed to "open the door" to research and reveal the sources of information available in books and online, that can be relevant to find information about the family being studied.

The Reference Service of Genealogy at the National Library was established to teach people and encourage them to get out and explore their family roots. The Service is designed to help people who have difficulty in the search of their roots or in the knowledge required in order for them to continue in their reading and inquiring on this issue.
The service is not designed to provide all the information without further research on their part.
Given the nature of materials at our disposal, the service will be provided for Jewish communities only.

Please make an appointment in advance via the "Contact us" form.

For more details contact: 074-7336-400

 Genealogical Items in The National Library of Israel

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