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New Physical Infrastructure

The new Library’s physical space will accommodate a large number of users and visitors, and include room for cultural and educational activity, expanded collections and reading rooms for personal study. In addition, rooms for group study and teamwork will also be available. All this requires the allocation of a new building for the Library.
In planning the building, which is intended to serve the Library for many years to come, future changes in the world of information and libraries must be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is essential to build functional and flexible internal spaces that can easily be modified. The principles of sustainable design should also be employed.
The new building will be built adjacent to the Knesset, the Israel Museum and the Edmond J. Safra campus of The Hebrew University (see map). The location was selected based on the opinions of experts and in accordance with the criteria stipulated in the report of the Committee on Changing the Status of The National Library: It should constitute an appropriate presence in its surroundings and generate an image befitting a national institution; it should provide easy access for the general public and operate separately from The Hebrew University campus; it should facilitate reciprocal relations with the academic community; it should be economically efficient and incorporate suitable physical infrastructure; the building should accommodate cultural and educational activity and be adaptable to the needs that derive from the Master Plan.


 ​View from the Israel Museum of the plot of land allocated for construction of the new Library