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An Institution of Research and Study

The Library’s reference and information services will serve a wide range of researchers: members of academia from research institutions in Israel and abroad, students working on research projects, and anyone interested in the items in the collection. The Library will seek ways to increase the number of users and enhance their user experience. The Library will develop a culture of evaluation and review that will include the use of focus groups, user surveys, and close and ongoing consultation with the academic community and the general public in order to improve existing services and launch new services. Research projects, programmes for research fellows, seminars and conferences, together with other initiatives of the Library staff will lead to the development of research communities revolving around the Library.
The research and study space for the collections – Judaica, Israel, Islam, and the Humanities – will be built in an inspiring way, creating affinity between subjects, encouraging reciprocity among users, facilitating inter-disciplinary research, and offering a varied work setting, both formal and informal. An adjacent and secured area will be devoted to special collections. The physical space and the virtual space will complement each other: the users will enjoy digital services within the Library premises and continue to use them in their homes or research institutes; Internet users will be able to become acquainted with the physical space (for example, via a virtual tour of the library) and reserve physical resources for themselves, such as a preferred workstation or archived items, or schedule a time for consultation with an expert.