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Funding Sources

The new building, including the Library’s contents and technological infrastructure, will be funded with the support of Yad Hanadiv, the government of Israel and additional entities. The Library’s other needs in the current building and in its future home – including upkeep, maintenance of the technological infrastructure, operations and development – will be funded from the Library’s annual budget, which it receives from the government, Hebrew University, donations and independent revenues. The Library’s current annual budget does not allow it achieve all of the goals in the Master Plan. Therefore, the Library will have to take steps to increase the budget available to it: to work continually and energetically to raise funds; to set clear priorities in all of its areas of activity; to inculcate an organizational culture of constant improvement by streamlining its daily work processes; and to weigh acquisitions and investments against the costs of their life cycle. In any case, the Library will adapt the scope of its activity to the resources available to it and will not commit to activities that are beyond its regular budget or fund-raising level.
Being open to the general public and offering a broad range of research and study services at no charge or at a symbolic price are basic values of a national library. This means that the Library will continue to provide some services for which it receives no revenues. However, the Library will develop revenue-generating services that will serve as an additional source of funding, similar to other national libraries.