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A Centre of Culture and Education

The Library will aspire to play a central role in the cultural discourse in Israel and in the Jewish world by actively facilitating access to its treasures, both physical and virtual, to anyone requiring them. Creating a lively and attractive place with hundreds of thousands of visitors and millions of virtual visitors annually is a goal that can be achieved.

Cultural Activities
The Library will leverage its unique status as the trustee of Jewish culture and history, and as a contributor in shaping and developing them through its connections with the academic community, and will exploit its central location on 'Museum Row' to expose diverse aspects in Jewish and Israeli history and culture.
The Library will aspire to stimulate public discourse by extensively engaging in topics such as the multifaceted relations between Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the reciprocal cultural relations created among them and with other cultures; the relations between Israel and the Diaspora from the cultural perspective; the place of the Bible in world culture; the history of Hebrew writing and books; the development of the Hebrew language, and so on. Cultural programmes, based on the Library collections, will be held in the Library building and in the virtual space. They will relate to important dates, such as the date of birth and death of leading cultural figures, important discoveries and events of national or international importance.
Educational Programmes
The Library will participate in developing curricula and enrichment programmes on various cultural subjects for educational frameworks at all levels, including elementary schools, the army and retirees. The Library and its Internet site will attract students in the formal and informal education systems, exposing students to the diverse range of Israeli culture and the heritage of Jewish and Israeli books in a way that will strengthen their connection to their cultural origins. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Library’s treasures will be integrated into their education, enriching the curriculum with original documents in subjects like history, Bible, Talmud, literature, civics and art. The Library will be a partner in activity aimed at drawing students closer to books, to the Hebrew language and to the culture of reading. Attention will be devoted to developing appropriate activities for the Arabic-speaking public.
The activity will include a permanent exhibit and temporary exhibits, meetings with writers, poets, artists and scholars, seminars, tours of the Library, performances and conferences, and additional activities that stir interest and inspiration. Professional curators will work together with the Library’s subject matter experts to develop ways to present academic content in a way that will be accessible to an inquisitive public.