Summary of the Brief

​The project comprises the planning and construction of some 40,800 square metres, including underground parking and storage facilities. It must comply with Israeli standards for green construction.
The building will include the following areas (approximately):


​Use Estimated Details​

Area​ ​(m2)


Reading and research facilities​ ​8,300 ​Reading rooms; information and reference services
​Cultural and educational activities ​3,700 Exhibition galleries, seminar rooms, auditorium
​General public areas ​2,200 ​Lobby, cafeteria, book and souvenir shop
​Administrative space ​7,100 ​Offices, building operations and systems
​Repositories ​6,500 ​​Storage space for some 5.5 million items


​13,000 ​Parking, as per regulations
Total ​40,800

The full Building Brief can be viewed and downloaded from the 'Documents' page of this website.