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NLI exhibition at European Day of Jewish Culture

​September 4th marks the European day of Jewish Culture and will include public events and activities in communities across Europe.


This year's theme is Jewish Languages, from Aramaic to Yiddish and beyond! The Jewish people, created by the words brought to them at Mount Sinai, have always had a strong and in a typically Jewish way, happily contradictory! – relationship with languages.


Did you know that Yiddish is related to German? That Hebrew can be pronounced in many different ways? That Jews on the Greek island of Corfu used to speak an ancient Apulian dialect, or that Moroccan Jews brought their dialect, called Haketia? That Ethiopian Jews have Ge'ez, and not Hebrew, as a sacred language? And what about the difference between Hebrew and Aramaic?

The National Library's education department has put together a Jewish Language Resource Pack which will be featured at the panels and events in English.