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David Grossman Wins 2017 Man Booker Prize!

The National Library of Israel congratulates David Grossman for winning the 2017 Man Booker International Prize!

Mazal Tov to David Grossman! The winner of the 2017 Man Booker International Prize for his novel "A Horse Walks Into a Bar".




The book was translated by Jessica Cohen and the Man Booker Prize honors and celebrates the work of translators who bring fiction to a wider and more global audience.

David Grossman and David Blumberg
Photo: Hanan Cohen, National Library of Israel

David Grossman recently entrusted his personal archive to the National Library of Israel, where it will soon be made available to the public.​


Here is a paragraph from the opening of "A Horse Walks Into a Bar", just to whet your appetite for more:

'Ladies and Gentleman,' announces a tight-lipped man standing at the lighting console, 'put your hands together for Dovaleh G!' The man on the state still crouches like a monkey, his big glasses askew on his nose.

He slowly turns to face the room and scans it with a long, unblinking look.

'Oh, wait a minute,' he grumbles, 'this isn't Caesarea, is it?' Sounds of laughter. He slowly straightens up and dusts his hands off. 'Looks like my agent fucked me again.'