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Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

Rabbi Cherlow is a Zionist-Orthodox rabbi. He founded and serves as the head of the Amit Orot Shaul Yeshiva. Rabbi Cherlow was also among the founders of the Tzohar organization, which seeks to build bridges between the secular and religious worlds. He is an expert on ethics, and a member of various ethics committees in Israel, such as the Supreme Helsinki Committee on Medical and Genetic Experiments Involving Human Subjects, and serves on the presidency of the Israel Press Council. In addition, Rabbi Cherlow serves as the head of the Ethics and Religion Desk at the Jerusalem Center for Ethics.

Rabbi Cherlow has authored many books and articles dealing with public morality, and reviving the Torah in contemporary life. He is known for his responses to questions of Jewish law on the popular Israeli Internet sites "Moreshet" and "Kippa".