Ali Haider

Ali Haider served in the past decade as co-director of Sikkuy, the Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity (between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel). In this capacity he ran several projects, including the Equality Index. He initiated and led the Project to Develop Leadership and Community Entrepreneurship in the Arab Sector and worked as an attorney for several human rights organizations. Ali was a co-author of the Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel documents (2006). He is a founder and active member of many civil society organizations, including the Arab Pedagogic Council, Adalah, the I’lam Center, and the Center for Social Justice.
Ali holds an LLB and LLM from Bar-Ilan University and an MA in political science from the University of Haifa. He studied human rights and Israeli society at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for one year, and studied journalism for a year at Ha’aretz. Ali is interested in a number of topics, including human and civil rights, public policy, and philosophy (especially Islamic philosophy). He contributes frequent opinion pieces to the Arabic, Hebrew, and English press.