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Electronic Publications

With the development of digital publishing, the National Library, as other national libraries around the globe, is up to the challenge of collection and preserving the digital creations in the Library collections, for the sake of the readers, the researchers, and future generations. With these efforts in mind, the Library started the Archinet project with the aim to archive the Israeli internet, at the same time we are working to preserve the electronic publications that are published on different platforms.
The National Library receives and curates electronic books and publications: books, newspapers and periodicals, audiobooks, and music files and video. The National Library has been receiving and curating books and electronic publication for preservation for a number of years. In November 2015 new ordinances were put into effect that expand the Books Law which now include electronically published publications as part of the legal deposit collection.

The National Library implements information security means to protest the publications deposited therein:

• The electronic publications are saved in the secure Library servers.
• The ability to view and access the electronic publications are possible only with the National Library building. Access is limited to two users at any given time.
• Readers are forewarned that under the copyright law terms of use of 2007 it is prohibited to use the collections of the library whether for commercial or non-commercial use. The reader is obliged not to copy, photocopy, photograph, publish, distribute, hand over to a third party, or make any use of the publications as described under the law, except for "Fair Use" of the publication for study, research, or critique as defined under the terms of use of the copyright law and/or they received permission from the copyright holders.
• The National Library does not enable digital copying of its publications: It is prohibited to save them on a flash drive, send then via email or any other method.
• Catalog information regarding the publications is available to all users via the digital catalog of the library, as any other item in the Library.

Further to the stated above are per the general terms of use on the National Library website.

You can deposit electronic publications in the following formats: EPUB, DOC, PDF, as well as video audio files.

The deposit can be done via email, or approach for coordination.

For any question regarding methods of deposit, terms of use, and information security, please contact the Legal Deposit Department at the National Library.