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Legal Deposit Department

 Legal Deposit

Following the establishment of the State of Israel, a law was enacted requiring anyone publishing material in Israel to submit two copies of the publication to the National Library of Israel within a month of publication: The Books Law – Legal Deposit (2000) (Hebrew).  In turn, the National Library became a collector of publications from all sectors of Israeli society and culture.

The Israel Collection - Everything Published in Israel

The National Library receives legal deposits irrespective of language, format, theme, or quality, and without making ideological judgements. The fact that the library recieves the publications, and does not acquire them, neutralizes financial constraints that could potentially dictate the selection of certain titles and the disqualification of others. Obligating publishers to deposit free copies ensures the principle of freedom of speech and prevents library censorship.   


Preservation for Future Generations

The library preserves the publications for future generations as a documentation of written Israeli culture, and guarantees that they will be accessible to the public for many years to come, long after they stop being available for purchase. The collection is open and accessible to all users and visitors of the library, according to the principle of equal access to information in the State of Israel.