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I have no fear

Michal Heiman, Nivi Alroy, Hila Amram and Maya Attoun, I have no fear, 2014, video screening, wall drawing, objects and screenprint

This is the joint work of artists who seek to dismantle the library shelves via various systems of knowledge. That which is dismantled is meant to be reassembled into an exhibit that is also an event space- a coliseum in which the past, present and future wrestle, imaginary worlds meet scientific worlds and scientific or pseudo-scientific research, and current culture dances with the spirits of its ghosts.

In this space a wall in the shape of a scythe has been erected. Facing it stands a cabinet-emptied of drawers- that was used in the Library’s Yiddish archive. Heiman’s film- featuring a dying woman- is projected on to the wall from the empty cabinet. The image of the woman’s face switches between the face of the artist Michal Heiman, and that of the poet, Rachel. Heiman appropriates films from the past and through them, investigates our involvement in it.  Surrounding the projected figure, is a drawing in white chalk by Niv Alroy – sketches of worlds that come into being and are consumed by the architecture of the white wall and the memory of the cabinet and its drawers. These are a sort of outline of human existence which combines wallpaper made of a screen print by the artist Maya Aton. It bears the characteristics of laconic scientific information but actually serves as metaphor for the gap between the inner and outer; the emotional-spiritual and the ability to give it expression. The archival drawers protrude from the wall. On them and in them are found surreal hybrid creatures created by the artist Hila Amram who combines organic materials from nature with manufactured materials and connects between the everyday and the fantastic.

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Closing Date: 31.05.2014