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Micha Ulman - Mouth Place

Micha Ulman, Mouth Place, 2014, card cabinet, soil

מיכה אולמן - פהMicha Ulman turns the card catalog cabinet into a field of speech both physical and metaphorical. Its outer façade hasn't been changed at all- the work takes place entirely inside- in the 30 drawers that have been turned into something like mouths. Every one of the 22 drawers is missing one letter of the alphabet. The drawers are organized vertically into 5 groups inspired by The Book of Creation, (a foundational Kabbalistic work), according to the place the letter is formed in the mouth-palate, throat, teeth, tongue, and lips.  In the remaining drawers vocalization marks are removed. Each drawer is filled with earth that that the artist brought from five different places in Israel- the Hula Valley, the Galil, the Arava, the Sharon and sand from the sea shore. The audience is invited to open and close the drawers and in doing so, to create words and sentences in endless combinations. In this way, the artist returns the power of speech - which by its nature relies on the written word- to the Library. In turn, the act of speech becomes an act of sculpture.  

The work connects language and place via the spirit- which is also empty space. It is in conversation with an earlier work of Ulman's from 1972 when he dug 6 pits in various places in Israel. Through this he sought to make the connection between the material and the spiritual present in what was happening in various places simultaneously. The creation of letters, hollowed out of the classic wooden structure of the cabinet, turns the whole object into a mechanical device for making silent noise-a mute organ that everyone is invited to play. 

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