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Tsibi Geva - Conservation

 Tsibi Geva, Conservation, 2014, card cabinet (wood and metal), glass


ציבי גבע - שימורTsibi Geva turns the card catalog cabinet into a museum artifact. He imprisons it, upside down, in a closed glass display case standing on a glass stage. Through this classic act of preservation he brings the thing itself, the ready-made cabinet, and glorifies and mummifies it as aesthetic and symbolic artifact that represents a culture and at the same time buries it. The artist seeks to destroy our perception of the cabinet as an accessible and useful artifact that projects, in its material shape, hominess, history and nostalgia all at once. By placing the cabinet in glass he both makes transparent and doubles its identity- the "outer" emanates from the "inner" just as the "inner" emanates from the "outer".  Museums preserve and also castrate. They estrange  and de-familiarize us to the cabinet as familiar artifact. Enclosing the cabinet in glass prevents us from relating to it in a day to day and incidental manner, and forces us to recognize it as a field of knowledge and memory that can be changed and manipulated at any point.

 Opening Hours

Sun-Thurs: 09:00-19:45

Friday: 09:00-12:45


 Closing Date: 31.05.2014