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Avital Geva - Books in Deep River

Avital Geva, Books in Deep River, 2014, mixed media
אביטל גבע - ספרים בנהר עמוקAvital Geva uses the complexity of the creative act as an act of living to create art. Since the 70's, he has been creating artistic works in the form of projects that deal with the connection between various ecosystems -rain water drainage, fish ponds and plant irrigation-  and the reciprocal relationship between advanced technologies such as solar energy, agricultural engineering, alternative farming, etc. and creative processes in their existential and artistic senses. In projects that take place over decades, like "The Incubator", he examines the relationship between nature and culture, artistic borders and their definitions as society undergoes technological, scientific and political changes.
The work in this exhibit- which is related to the "Improvised Library" project that Geva created between the towns Metzer-Meiser during the 70's- seeks to create a "natural" environment- the pond with its man-made ecological system- for a "cultural" artifact, i.e. the card catalog. The pond activates the space in which it exists. It is surrounded by library books meant to be distributed. The reflection of the books in the water, like those of the gallery itself, is combined with fish, plants and stones. The pond makes the viewer consider, all at once, the architecture of the Library and the connection between it and its environment, for just outside the building, on the grass facing it, sits a pool, empty of water.

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