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Jossef Krispel-Untitled (Boy plays the Flute)

Jossef Krispel, Untitled (Boy plays the Flute), 2013, Acrylic and Ink on wood
Jossef Krispel, Always Plays, Always Complete, 2014, Acrylic on tapestry mounted on window
יוסף קריספל, ללא כותרתJossef Krispel explores painting as an act of indexing that allows for quotation, appropriation, necromancy, tribute, and the exchanging of roles. These come together to form a romantic and melancholy gaze which explores the dialectic between wealth and emptiness, pleasure and death. In this exhibit he displays two works-the first is a painting on the inside of the card catalog cabinet. It turns the drawer frame into a network that acts upon the painting. The second is composed of a drawing on translucent wallpaper hung over the windows to the left of the entrance of the Library. These two works are the culmination of Kripsel’s extensive research over the past year, in the process of which he drew on countless figures from various and widespread fields found in the Library collections. In both works, he chose to focus on the subject of music and musicality and the connection between them and the act of painting and the act of love.

יוסף קריספל - תמיד מנגנת, תמיד שלמהThe encyclopedic panorama that Kripsel created is based, among others, on the paintings of Anton Raphael Mengs, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Louis Hersent, Jacopo Amigon, Eduard Manet, Gustuva Dore, Terbrugghen Hendrick, Franz Halls and Pierre-Narcisse Guerin. While the cabinet painting pulls the viewer’s focus to the microcosm of the whole painting, the painting that greets the Library goers demands to be analyzed as a visual macrocosmic essay- one of many possible worlds.

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