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European Ephemera

 Jewish Culture Festival in Warsaw, 2007




The National Library of Israel is bringing history to life by collecting contemporary ephemera from Jewish communities around Europe. Ephemera are printed materials with a short life-span, such as invitations, flyers, greeting cards, notices and tickets; together they represent a unique 'slice of life'.



How can you add your piece of the story?

The Jewish European Ephemera Project, launched at the 2014 Limmud Conference, is bringing in ephemera from communities  all around Europe.

Our collection boxes are being distributed, thanks to the JDC, across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries in Eastern Europe. We will soon be launching the ephemera collection in Germany, France, Poland and the United Kingdom – with more countries to follow. 

If you would like to be part of our ephemera network write to [email protected]  and we will send a beautiful NLI eurepehemera collection kit to be placed in your local Jewish organisations.

The Jewish European Ephemera Project is a core project of Gesher L'Europa; an initiative funded by the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, to provide opportunities for exchange and enrichment between the National Library of Israel and Europeans working within Jewish settings.


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​For more details, write to [email protected]