The Renewal

 ​The Library Management, the Government of Israel, The Hebrew University and Yad Hanadiv have joined forces to enable the renewal of the National Library of Israel and move it to a fitting and permanent home.


The National Library of Israel, established in 1892, is unique among the great libraries of the world. It is the prime institution of national memory – not only of the state of Israel, but also of the Jewish people throughout the world.
The renewed National Library of Israel, shaping itself to the values, challenges, requirements and technological developments of the 21st century, is a visionary project designed to create an institution at the cutting edge of knowledge dissemination and cultural creativity. The renewed Library will play a transformative role in the cultural life of Israelis of all faiths and identities, and of Jews throughout the world, while making a singular contribution to global heritage initiatives.
The mission of the renewed Library – as decreed by the Knesset in 2007 – is to collect, preserve, cultivate and endow treasures of knowledge, heritage and culture, with an emphasis on the Land of Israel, the State of Israel and the Jewish people. By law, the Library is also a major research library for humanistic studies, in particular Judaica, Israel, Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, serving as the primary humanities research library for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
In fulfillment of its national mandate, the Library is designated to become the country's flagship of state-of-the-art information technology, offering open, democratic access to the vast world of physical and digital resources and tools, not only those based on the Library’s own holdings, but also the almost limitless resources available through collaborative arrangements with other repositories of knowledge. The Library will open its physical and virtual gates to people of all nations and religions, and is committed to disseminating knowledge to a broad and diversified population of users, both in Israel and throughout the world.
The new National Library building will be constructed in close proximity to the Knesset and the Avenue of the Museums. In its new home, the Library will operate in an inspiring spatial setting that will be at once an ideal study environment, a meeting place for scholars, intellectuals, artists and seekers of knowledge from Israel and the world, and a site of vibrant cultural activity based on its treasures, attracting approximately 500,000 people on-site and millions of virtual visitors annually.