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Ephemera Project

 The “Voyage through Time” Project – The Digitization of Israeli Ephemera

Project Description
Ephemera – printed material with a short life span, such as ads, flyers, greetings and other cards, stickers, posters and more – is a unique media for documenting daily life.

The project aims to collect ephemera by scanning material and  making  it accessible to the public. It also aims to involve the public in the specification of the collection and  its accessibility.

At the end of the project, the items will be included in an international ephemera documentation project being conducted by the University of California (UCLA).

Project Aims

1. To scan 150,000  items of ephemera within three years.
2. To create a collection relevant to different sectors in Israeli society, including minorities and other groups.
3. To build a platform enabling the public to be involved in the specification of  the collection.

June 2011- June 2014


The Arcadia Fund (

Approximately 7 million shekels (7,000,000)

What is ephemera?
Does the National Library house ephemera?
Which sectors does the library aim to represent in the project?
I also have a collection. Can I donate something?
How to participate in the project

Library Contact
Ido Ivri