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Pashkavils Project

 Pashkavil scanning Project and Street ads from Meah Shearim

Project Description
Pashkavils are a window to a world which is not always visible to the general public, 
and the only mass media almost in Meah Shearim. 
Pashkavils are not regular ad, they contain a "sting" of any kind, such as when a political message, 
satirical or when the declaration is false ad for the eyes of many.
The collection includes ads and Pashkavils.
about 100,000NIS 
What information can be derived form a Pashkavil?
Who can mack use of this made ​​the material point / server?
Description of process / story / challenge in collecting this material
Contact the library
Ido Ivri

Project Goals

Scan and upload (including indexing by subject) of 20,000 Pashkavils from Meah Shearim neighborhood. 
Schedule Start - July 2010 
Finish - May 2010 
Budget about 100,000NIS 
Contact Person​
Ido Ivri​