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Edelstein Collection Catalogue

 Edelstein Collection

Closing the Gaps in the Catalogue
The Edelstein Collection covers all areas of the history, philosophy, and sociology of science. Librarians working on this project are sorting and organizing materials that have been added to this collection over the years but were never catalogued in the Library’s Online Catalogue. This project will improve accessibility to the collection as a whole.
The project began on November 1, 2010. Initially, the staff concentrated on cataloguing books that had been donated over the last several years and were boxed. The next phase involved cataloguing the books on open shelves that had not yet been catalogued in 'Aleph'. The project is slated for completion in March of 2012, following the handling of the collection's rare books. 
The next step in improving readers' accessibility to the Edelstein Collection will be converting to the classification method used by The Library of Congress.
The project is expected to completed by the end of 2012.
Project Team
The project is managed by Rini Goldsmith, Director of the Foreign Language Catalogue, with the help of Esther Guggenheim, bibliographic systems librarian.
The project staff includes five librarians and a Project Manager.

Among the books catalogued in the project are donations made by Sidney Edelstein and Harry Friedenwald; also catalogued during the project were donations made by Gerald Holton, Mara Beller, Jacob Werman.
600 000 NIS 
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