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National Archives Survey

At the first stage of the project implementation, a survey was conducted among all of the archives identified for this purpose by the project steering committee.

The surveyors travelled to the archives spread across Israel, and upon arriving to the archives – filled an online survey that was hosted in the NLI servers, through the targeted system of the Ransys company. Work on the survey continued for approximately one year.

At the beginning of the survey, the archives list contained some 350 historical archives. During the survey, many other archives were discovered, such that the total number of archives ultimately surveyed was almost 600.

The survey results provided basic data for decisions of the project content committee, from which it selects materials that are of greatest interest to the public, ranks the archives; consequently, it also influences the Archive Project's allocation of funds.

If you would like to suggest additional archives that do not appear on the list, please contact us. The survey report will be published in the near future.