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Archives Participating in the Project

As part of the project, a team was assembled that examined the results of the national archives survey. The team chose archives that are of public importance, based on well-defined criteria. The team suggestion was approved by the content team, which in turn was ratified by the steering committee.

The project execution team is contacting the archives selected, in order of participation.

To date, the following archives have joined the project:

  1. Joseph Trumpeldor Labor Brigade Archive (IAN site link)

  2. Archive of The Kibbutz Holiday Institute (Shitim) (Archive website) )IAN site link)

  3. Archive of the Jabotinsky Institute in Israel (Archive website) (IAN site link)

  4. Archive of the Religious Kibbutz Movement )Archive website) (IAN site link)

  5. Yad Yaari Archive (Archive website) (IAN site link)

  6. Yad Tabenkin Archive (Archive website) (IAN site link)

  7. Beit Bialik Archive (Archive website) (IAN site link)

  8. Archive of the Heritage Center for German-Speaking Jews (Archive website) (IAN site link)

  9. Egged Company Archive (IAN site link)

  10. Petach Tikvah Historical Archive (Archive website) (IAN site link)