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Wiki-GLAM Project: The National Library

​The project was designed to facilitate genuine collaboration between the many Wikipedists in Israel and the National Library, which is responsible for collecting, preserving and providing access to the cultural heritage of the Jewish people and the inhabitants of Israel. The project will involve the Library donating to Wikipedia extensive parts of the Schwadron collection of portraits of well-known Jewish figures for the purpose of creating entries. This is the first instance of such a donation from the National Library. In doing so, the Library will make this collection (and others) accessible to a wider audience. Not only will this increase use of the materials, but it may bring to light additional information about the items in the collection.

The resulting Wikepedia entries will make the materials in the National Library's collection accessible to all, for the benefit of the general public.

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What is GLAM?

GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. The appellation Wiki-GLAM applies to a wide variety of collaborative endeavors involving organizations large and small, private and public, and the Wikimedia movement/Wikipedia project.  All sides stand to benefit from such collaboration – the dissemination of cultural knowledge in as free and accessible a format as possible. GLAM was initiated in 2009 and has since spread to many countries, with the cooperation of various cultural institutions. GLAM is one of the most exciting and constructive activities undertaken by the Wikimedia Foundation and local Wikimedia associations. GLAM encompasses a fairly wide variety of projects, some involving the writing of entries for Wikipedia on the basis of items in a museum or archive, and some dealing with tagging of historical images.  Certain projects involve mass donations of photographic collections and some simply involve contribution of digital collections to Wikipedia so that the community of wiki-editors can enhance the extensive online resource with original items that serve as raw material for the production of entries.

The organizations that host GLAM projects enjoy exposure to new users, extended use (sometimes innovative and unexpected) of their collections and recruitment of the public to describe, tag, and improve upon information related to the items in their collections.


The National Library's GLAM initiative is headed by Ido Ivri, Director of Digital Projects at the Library. Daniel Zvi Parmewitz was appointed Wikipedian in residence. Shani Evenstein coordinates with Wikimedia on behalf of the Library.