The National Library in 2020

The challenge is to imagine the library of the future and to develop the infrastructure and mechanisms that will allow it to fulfill its potential for seminal cultural activity. By law, nature and design, the National Library is a vast repository of knowledge focused on central domains: Jewish civilization, the history and culture of Israel, Islam and the Islamic world, and general humanistic studies. Perhaps more than any other institution in the Jewish world, the National Library is poised to embody the richness of Jewish experience over the last three millennia. It is crucial that the Library continue to be the main research center for the Israeli academic community and that it provide scholars throughout the world with the finest, most efficient and effective means of pursuing their work. The Library must assume its rightful place as one of the leading, most active, lively and inventive cultural institutions in the State of Israel and throughout the Jewish world. Whenever possible, the Library makes use of advanced technological means and the Internet in order to provide access to its treasures from all parts of the world, in keeping with copyright laws. In its core domains, the Library serves as a boundless source and guide of information, both in its physical domain and through partnerships with other libraries around the world that make relevant information accessible.