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National Library Competition

 About the Competition

"Dear Architects, … an opportunity to contribute to advancing the goals and the values upon which the vision of the renewed Library is based. We encourage you to unleash your imagination and your creativity, and eagerly anticipate your proposals. Best of luck!" 

(From the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Library of Israel, Mr. David Blumberg)

A two-stage public competition is being held, with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality and assistance from the Israel Association of United Architects, to select an architect for the new home of Israel's National Library. The competition will be launched in January 2012, and is expected to continue for about eight months. The goal is to dedicate the new Library within five years; this time frame allows two years for design following selection of an architect, and is contingent upon timely approval of the town planning scheme. The edifice is expected to be among the most important public buildings constructed in Israel during the coming decade, and its design constitutes a unique architectural challenge.                     


The National Library building will be centrally located on a 40,000 square-metre site in Jerusalem's National Precinct (Kiryat Hale'um), adjacent to the Parliament (Knesset), The Israel Museum, and The Hebrew University. It will be financed by the Israeli Government and Yad Hanadiv – the Rothschild Foundation in Israel, which previously provided support for the Knesset and the Supreme Court buildings. The project, which will adhere to 'green' design principles, will be executed by the National Library Construction Company, Inc. (to be referred to hereafter as 'The Company'), a not-for-profit Charitable Corporation (halatz) established for this purpose by Yad Hanadiv.


The first round of the National Library Competition opened on 17.1.2012.
The competition documents are available on the website:, where you may also purchase the competition kit.
Architects interested in submitting a proposal must purchase the competition kit.
Submissions will be received March 25-26, 2012.