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Presenting: remote access to journals

The National Library presents public access to journals from home. At this point, we are opening access to JSTOR to any user within Israel.
In order to gain access to the journals, users must register for (free) membership to the National Library and choose a user name and password (if you have already registered you do not need to do so again). Access to the journals is restricted to registered users. After the identification process, you will be able to see the journals included in the project.
Click here to access the journals


The National Library has a rich collection of academic databases and e-journals. Up until now, these tools were only accessible in the Library building. We are putting a lot of effort into making them accessible outside of the Library. However, access is dependent on complicated agreements and is often limited by copyright law.


The first database we have succeeded in making accessible to outside users (at least partially) is JSTOR.


In the framework of this joint project between the National Library, The Haifa University Library and JSTOR, dozens of leading Israeli academic journals were scanned. As part of the agreement, the National Library will make all of these e-journals accessible to Israeli users at home.