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The Hebrew Manuscripts Catalogue in the Vatican Library

Vatican Library Hebrew Manuscripts The catalogue of all the Hebrew manuscripts held in the Vatican Library was written by the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, with the help of other scholars in the field. It was published by the Vatican Apostolic Library.
The catalogue records 801 manuscripts, most of them medieval. It's one of the most important collections of Hebrew manuscripts in the world.
The catalogue contains detailed description and up-to-date identifiers of thousands of texts, as well as analyses of the material production of every manuscript. The analyses separate the various layers of each manuscript, and the different copiers who worked together on the writing. It analyzes physical data as well, like typography, where the manuscript was produced, as well as dating each layer based on codicological and palaeographical standards
In addition, the catalogue includes the different versions of the manuscripts, as well as the different listings added to them over time.
This catalogue, through the long cooperation between the National Library of Israel and the Vatican Apostolic Library is now accessible online.


Vatican Library Hebrew Manuscripts