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Israeli Publishers Database

 About the Israeli Publishers Database

Israeli Publishers DatabaseIn the database there are 1,500 records of book publishers, newspapers, magazines, music and other data banks. The database includes small publishers and unfamiliar, public entities and educational institutions as part of their activities publishers, and publishers who are not active any more, from the beginning of publishing activities in Israel. This is the most comprehensive database in this field in Israel, and is updated regularly.


Enter the Israeli Publishers Database

The information provided includes the history of publication, address, name of the manager or owner, renamed, and partnerships between publishers, advertising language, media type, and for some publishers a short note on the subject matters in which they engage. It can also be information on the copyright of publishers no longer in existence.
If you find an error in the database or if you know of a publisher that does not appear in it, please send the details to:  David.Hanegbi@nli.org.il