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ULI -Israel Union List

 About ULI

ULI -Israel Union List The Israel Union List, of libraries in Israel (ULI) contains more than 9 million bibliographic records from the catalogues of university libraries, most libraries, colleges and several other major libraries. Records are in MARC21 international and include a link to most of the institution's local catalogue, where you can browse inventory data.
ULI contains records for all types of library material (books, periodicals, maps, material audio - visual, digital publications, etc.) except for articles and reprints. Although ULI contains records for periodicals, journals should look in the catalog consolidated reporters - time (ULS) containing details of an inventory of a greater number of libraries.
You can also search the full database ULI and sub-bases (sections of the reservoir full):
The complete database
Only Universities
​​ Only colleges
Writings - only time
Only video recordings
Only electronic resources
Only theses (MA and PhD)
Only electronic theses
Recorded voice only
Only maps
Complete list of libraries participating in the ULI and ULS with identification codes and contact details click here.

You can search on ULI also using standard operating software such as Endnote z39.50. Click here for details.