Index to Yiddish Periodicals (IYP) is an ongoing bibliographical project that provides a free-access online database, in which are recorded the contents of a wide range of Yiddish periodicals, that were published worldwide beginning with 1862 until 1970. (link – Geographical/ Chronological Distribution of Indexed Periodicals) Up to March 2014 the IYP-team registered approximately 250,000 bibliographic records in Yiddish about the contents of 850 different publications (newspapers, journals, one-time publications, etc.) that were edited and printed by modern Jewish circles in Eastern European countries, in the United States, and in Erets-Israel / Israel. (link - Updated List of Indexed Periodicals; List of Indexed Periodicals with Full Bibliographical Description)

The records, entirely in Yiddish, enable the browser to access information about primary written sources dealing with a broad variety of both Jewish and non-Jewish topics: political or cultural movements and institutions, historical events, literature in Yiddish and other languages, art etc. Hebrew script is obligatory for all search options (link – Record Structure and search options; virtual keyboard – Yiddish characters).
The range of publications which are indexed is determined in some cases by availability, the main consideration being however the relative merit and significance of the publications in fashioning and reflecting major trends in modern Jewish society and culture, source generally ignored/unknown and neglected by researchers. The records principally concern signed materials, whether with the author's real name or a pseudonym. Unsigned news items or unsigned articles are not registered, except when they deal with central issues related to Yiddish literature and culture or with prominent public figures.
IYP started activity in September 1993, at the initiative and under the academic direction of Professor Avraham Novershtern of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, thanks to a special endowment of the Abraham Icchok Lerner Fund. Cooperation with the Israel National Library provides the project access to a rich collection of Yiddish periodicals, as well as various kinds of technical support. Financial support is granted by Beth Shalom Aleichem. The working team is, at the present, composed of Vera Solomon (Editor-in-chief), Eliezer Niborski, Amy Simon, Shiri Shapira (editors).