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  • Siddur written for a lady. ByAbraham Farisol. Ms. On parchment. Mantuba, 1480
  • Kipnis, Levin. Maharozet. Tel Aviv, Tversky, 1953. Drawing: Nahum Gutman
  • Damascus Keter", Bible. Manuscript on parchment. Burgos, Spain, 1260. End of the book of Ruth
  • Mahzor Worms. Manuscripton parchment. The Piyyut "Adon Imnani" for morning prayers on the 1st day of Shavuot. Vol. 1, 111r. 1272
  • Prayer Book for the whole year according to the Otalian rite. Manuscript on parchment. North Italy, ca. 1450
  • Ketuba for Shavuot. Metaphoric marriage conditions and covenant between the people of Israel and the Tora. Manuscript. Kalvarija, Lithuania, 1883