About IETV

"The Israeli Educational Television" was founded in 1964 by the Rothschild Foundation and was Israel's first television broadcasting station. On March 15th 1966 the first Israeli television broadcast went on air.


At first, the Educational TV was named "The Educational Television Trust" and the original purpose was to use television broadcasts as an auxiliary tool for didactic purposes, as part of school curricular activities. For three years a trial was conducted, during which The ETT broadcasted to 32 schools. When the trial period ended, in 1966, the Rothschild Foundation transferred the ETT and its facilities to the Israeli Government and its name was changed to "The Center for Educational Television".


During its first period of activity, the Educational Television broadcasted educational programs for schools, programs for toddlers and enrichment programs during the afternoon hours. In 1982, during the "Peace for the Galilee" operation in Lebanon, the station started airing the "Peace for the Galilee" program, whose name was changed over the years to "Erev Hadash" ("A New Evening"). This program was the turning point in the history of the Educational TV since it started airing entertainment programs along with materials related to the news.


In 1986 the station underwent a third change of name and was now named "The Israeli Education Television". The change of name reflected also the change of concept according to which the Educational TV does not broadcast just for educational and didactic purposes but endeavors to expand the TV genres it includes as well as the variety of programs it produces and its target audiences, meant now to include the whole Israeli public.


As of 2005, Channel 23 has become the home channel for the Educational TV and it broadcasts 24 hours a day. With its inclusion in the "Idan Plus" initiative, its programs reach all the households in Israel. In addition, the Educational TV broadcasts on Channel One and Two and its own Youtube channel, which allows the public to watch all the programs even before they have been aired on television.