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Authorities & Organizations

Various organizations were established in the pre-State period to address certain needs. These operated in unusual circumstances: lack of sovereignty on the one hand and social cohesion on the other. After the establishment of the State, the authorities filled in those services still wanting. This centralist mode of government was evident in all aspects of public life in the first generation of the young State. The publications of these institutions provide an accurate representation of day-to-day life in Israel, given their status as the primary means of communicating with the public. Local authorities, both pre- and post-State; health services – hospitals, medical aid societies, and paramedical services like Magen David Adom and public health facilities; professional associations such as agricultural, commercial and craftsmen's unions; women's organizations and sectorial organizations that brought together immigrants from different countries and cultures all, along with many others like them, created the infrastructure on which pre- and post-State society was founded. They lent it stability and shaped its character and trajectory.

  • Opening of registration for Beer Sheva Municipal High School, 1954-1959
  • Update: new transportation routes in Haifa, Haifa municipality, 1934
  • Invitation to Shabbat event, Haifa municipality, 19.11.1949
  • Prohibition against honking, Haifa municipality, 16.5.1951
  • Mothers' Day program, Haifa, 1952
  • Good luck to those participating in summer sailing contest, Haifa municipality,1952
  • Independence Day celebrations in greater Haifa, 1952
  • Renewal of municipal business licenses in Jerusalem, 30.5.1948
  • Announcement of deadline for payment of city taxes and Werko (property tax), 1949
  • Announcement of implementation of entertainment tax in Jerusalem, 1949
  • Call to demand products with social aid labels, Jerusalem, 1952-1956
  • Calling residents to clean their water cisterns in advance of the rainy season, Jerusalem municipality, 1952-1956
  • Warning against disturbing the work of the Knesset and law enforcement in the capital, Jerusalem municipality, 1952
  • Maintenance of public order during Purim celebrations, Tel Aviv, 1928
  • Water conservation campaign, Tel Aviv municipality, 1928
  • Rules for bathers, Tel Aviv, 1928
  • Official announcement of launch of Yediot Iriat Tel Aviv, call for advertisers and subscribers, Tel Aviv, 1932
  • Yagur regional school
  • Hadassah hygiene
  • Beer Sheva municipality
  • Tel Aviv municipality


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