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The David and Fela Shapell Digitization Project

The National Library’s wide-ranging digitization initiative has been made possible from its earliest stages thanks to the generous support of the David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation.

Digitization is the transfer of various sources into digital format. The process includes scanning of visual sources or transfer of audio and video recordings to digital format. The end product of the process is a file, which can be downloaded and viewed or heard at remote workstations.

In this way, a national digital library is gradually being developed. This digital library allows access from afar to the treasures of the Library, via an internet site open to the general public, both in Israel and throughout the world. The existence of digital copies also reduces the need for referral to the originals and thus enables preservation of valuable original sources and lessens the danger to delicate materials.

This project is part of a larger plan to produce a hybrid collection of printed material and electronic resources, which will serve educational and research needs in Israel and the rest of the world.