Iggeret Teman. 1588.

Various scripts. Heb. 8° 2132
213 fols. 283 x 203 mm.
Sefer ha-emunot veha-deot by Saadia gaon. fols. 1a-165a.
Yesod mora ve-sod ha-torah by Abraham ibn Ezra. fols. 167a-185b.
Iggeret Teman. Translation of Nahum ha-Maaravi under the title Petah Tiqwa. Ashkenazi script. fols. 186a-201b. According to the colophon at the end of the manuscript, it was copied in Frankfurt am Main in the year 5348 (1588), with glosses (probably by the scribe inserted into the text and in the margins.
From: Sefer ha-mefo'ar by Judah Khalaz. fols. 202a-213b.

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