Pentateuch. Eretz Israel. 10th century . ms. Heb 5702

Pentateuch with Vocalization, Accents, Masorah Magna and Masorah Parva.

Manuscript. Eretz Israel, 10th century. Parchment. 270 folios. 432x385 mm. Three columns. Written in a fine, large bold, Oriental square script, fully vocalized and with accents.

A very exact, beautiful manuscript, almost complete. One of a very small group of early manuscripts of the Pentateuch of very great importance for the research of the Masorah.

Purchased in 1914 by David S. Sassoon from the notables of the Jewish community in Damascus and hence nicknamed as "the Damascus Keter" (the "crown" of Damascus).

D.S. Sassoon, in his Ohel David catalogue, describes the manuscript as being written in a 9th century "Babylonian [i.e. Iraqi] hand"; scholars of the Hebrew University disagree with this assumption and consider it to be of Palestinian origin and written in the 10th century.

The manuscript was purchased from the Sassoon collection in 1975.


Shashar, Yitschak. The Jerusalem Manuscript 5702 2 4° (Sassoon 507) and its place in the formation of the Tiberian Textus Receptus (Hebrew). Doctoral thesis, Hebrew University, 1983.

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