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Maps of the Holy Land, Palestine and Israel in the Laor Collection

Maps of the Holy Land, Palestine and Israel in the Laor Collection
The Laor Collection includes the largest variety in the world of maps of the Holy Land. The collection includes ancient maps as well as measured maps, all in all about 1200 maps, starting with the invention of the print in the 15th century and up to the 21st century, maps of the Holy Land, of Palestine and of Israel which together make up an especially rich portrait of the mapping of the land over the ages.

Antique Maps of the Holy land

The Holy Land has been the subject of a large number of maps. Some of the earliest maps reflect the classical mapping tradition such as the maps appended to Ptolemy's Geography, while others represent the religious tradition that aimed to reflect the history and geography of the Holy Land according to the Scriptures and their interpretations.

These maps were the creation of famous cartographers at the time including Münster, Bünting, Adrichom, Ortelius, Sanson, Fuller, Seutter, d'Anville, and many more. Some maps were printed separately, while others were published as part of atlases, itineraries and travel books. Owners who could afford the expense asked to have their maps painted by hand.

Measured Maps of the Holy Land, Palestine and Israel in the Laor Collection

The maps of Palestine that were part of the large-scale mapping of Egypt headed by Jacotin, Napoleon's head surveyor, in 1799, were the precursors of the accurate measured maps of Palestine, based on land surveys. The Laor Collection contains many important landmarks in the scientific mapping of the Holy Land, including, among others, the maps of Jacotin, Kiepert, Robinson, Van de Velde, as well as  the more advanced maps produced by the Palestine Exploration Fund; maps made under the British mandate, and those made by the "Survey of Israel", the official mapping agency of the State of Israel.
Maps of Regions and Towns in the Holy Land
Although the city mapped most often was Jerusalem, map makers also made maps of other towns and areas which were significant in Christian tradition. The Laor Collection includes maps of these places such as Nazareth, Ramlah (Rama), Acre, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Tabor and others.
Hebrew Maps of the Land of Israel
The Laor Collection includes a significant number of maps representing the Jewish mapping tradition of the Land of Israel. Although the number of maps produced by Jews is much smaller than those created in the Christian world, these maps reflect the central place of the land in Jewish perception. The collection contains both maps that followed the independent tradition of Rashi like those of Eliah Mizrahi, the Vilna Gaon, and others which were influenced by the Christian mapping of the Holy Land like the maps of  Abraham bar Yaacov.
Digitized Cartographic Collection
Digitized Cartographic Collection
The Eran Laor Cartographic Collection is a physical and virtual collection of maps. The heart of the collection comprises ancient maps, atlases and travel books to the Holy Land and as such, it is the largest of its kind in the world.
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